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What is Condensation ?

Condensation is the moisture droplets that form when moisture packed warm air comes into contact with a cold surface.

Typical symptoms of condensation are moisture droplets observed on windows and walls, black mould in corners and around windows or an unpleasant musty smell, particularly in rooms with a lot of air moisture and little ventilation, such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

The symptoms can be worse in winter, as at this time of year walls are much colder than the air inside.

Condensation goes hand in hand with poor ventilation and heating that isn’t constant and goes on and off, as this allows warm, damp air to condense.

As properties become more air tight with the removal of existing chimneys and the fitting of double glazing, ventilation is reduced, issues are prevalent in old homes that were built to breathe and allow dampness to evaporate out of the property, where as more modern homes are built to keep water out in the first place.

How do we treat Condensation ?

We have numerous solutions to help with condensation issues.

These include passive air vents, positive input ventilation systems and dehumidifiers.