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What is Wet/Dry Rot ?

Wet Rot and Dry Rot are both fungal rots that attack timber in damp conditions causing it to lose its strength.

In order to grow, wet rot requires a regular source of moisture, Its main causes are inadequate ventilation, rising damp, water leaks, defective plumbing, gutters, down pipes or bad pointing and it has the potential to cause substantial structural damage to your property.

Wet Rot should not to be confused with the more severe timber condition Dry Rot.

Dry Rot is more dangerous as it can travel through masonry in search of timber to attack and if it weakens the timber, the whole structure of the building can be affected.

How do we treat Wet/Dry Rot ?

Treating dry-rot can involve removal of the affected timber (including all timber for a metre beyond the visible signs of the fungus), and extensive chemical fungicide treatments for all adjacent timber and the brickwork of any contaminated walls and plaster.