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What is Woodworm ?

Woodworm is the generic term used to describe various different species of wood boring insects that are typically seen emerging between April to October.

Woodworm can be found in any house where there is exposed timber and is very common problem in older properties.

There are a variety of different beetles and insets, with the most common in England being the ‘Common Furniture Beetle’ which can enter any home through open doors, windows, air vents and gaps.

These insects or beetles lay their larvae in the wood, the larvae then remain in the wood for up to 5 years feeding on the wood, weakening the structure, which can lead to significant structural and cosmetic damage.

How do we treat Woodworm ?

The solution we use is a water based insecticide/fungicide, which is applied with a spray or brush directly to the affected timbers and eliminates all insects that come into contact with it.

In some instances we also use a boron paste which is deep penetrating to eliminate difficult to get to species.